Google Virtual Tour

Google Virtual Tour2020-11-28T21:03:33-07:00

An essential part of your Google My Business page & Google Maps. Begin with this basic 360 photo experience for your business.

How much does a Google Virtual Tour cost?2020-11-16T16:49:14-07:00

Our Google virtual tours start at $400 (plus GST). Five high quality 360 photos are included.

Did you know? We make some of the highest quality 360 photos in Canada. Photo quality matters to your customers, and we ensure your imagery reflects the prestige of your brand!

Where does my Google Virtual Tour show up online?2020-11-16T16:44:32-07:00

Your virtual tour lives on your Google My Business page. There is no hosting charge, as this is on Google’s servers.

Additionally, your tour can be embedded onto your website (which is highly recommended for boosting your search engine optimization).

What is your turnaround time on a Google Virtual Tour?2020-11-16T16:44:36-07:00

Ten business days. On average, it takes five business days to capture and edit your photos.

From there, it takes approximately five more days to publish your tour to your Google My Business page. This number can vary, depending on Google’s mapping servers and their cache policies (delays can occur, but don’t worry – we will alert you when the tour is published and live).

How many photos are included?2020-11-16T16:39:59-07:00

A minimum of five 360 photos are included, as per Google Street View guidelines. This allows the photos to connect to eachother with white arrows.

If you require more than five photos (or aren’t sure how many photos you need), get in touch so we can help you figure it out.

How long does a 360 photoshoot take?2020-11-28T20:34:35-07:00

It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Make sure you stage and clean your business before we arrive — that way, we can get the photos done with minimal interruption to your business operations.

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