Custom Virtual Tour

Custom Virtual Tour2020-11-28T20:10:46-07:00

A customized approach for simply amazing results. Our custom 360 virtual tours allow you to combine 360 photo AND video content. Additionally, each tour includes an easy-to-use navigation menu (many styles available). Add context with hot spot (icons with pop-up info). Very flexible. Integrates with Google Analytics.

What kinds of media are supported?2020-11-28T20:17:44-07:00

We build tours using 360 photos and / or 360 videos. You can combine 360 photos and 360 videos in a tour (see Metro Dental Care as an example).

What is the timeline for a Custom Virtual Tour?2020-11-28T20:12:39-07:00

2-3 weeks for a custom virtual tour to be visible on the Internet for your clients. If revisions are required (which is likely), this will extend the timeline slightly.

How is a Custom Virtual Tour different VS a Google Virtual Tour?2020-11-21T11:23:47-07:00

A custom tour is just that – customizable. We can add buttons, simpler navigation, text, images, even video inside of a custom virtual tour. Not to mention, Google Analytics for tour tracking.

How much does a Custom Virtual Tour cost?2020-11-21T11:21:17-07:00

A custom virtual tour costs $2000.

How long does a 360 photoshoot take?2020-11-28T20:34:35-07:00

It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Make sure you stage and clean your business before we arrive — that way, we can get the photos done with minimal interruption to your business operations.

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