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360 video in a virtual tour is one of the best kept marketing secrets. Truly, this type of experience is built for mobile devices, so your visitors can see your brand on any platform — even on VR headsets! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your customers saying “it’s as if I was there!”?

Hailed as an interactive type of media, it’s no surprise that 360 video productions are being used big all sorts of businesses. Coupled with easy to use navigation, your online visitors enter a 360 experience that’s hard to forget.

360° Video – Sun, Stars and Shade Studio Sunroom

Little Rock – Mount Royal University Mural Install

The Sun & Shade Home Addition

How long does a 360 videoshoot take?2020-11-28T20:35:00-07:00

Typically 30-60 minutes.

Where should I use my 360 Video?2020-11-28T20:35:37-07:00

It is recommended you upload your 360 video to Facebook. It makes for a great campaign.

Looking for maximum effect? Use your 360 video inside of a custom virtual tour.

Where is my 360 Video hosted?2020-11-28T20:30:53-07:00

On YouTube. If you wish to publish to your own channel, let our team know.

How much does a 360 video cost?2020-11-28T20:30:00-07:00

The first minute of 360 video recording costs $600. Includes basic edits and colour balancing. Additional film minutes are $200 per minute.

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