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Virtual Tour of Residential Architecture
Virtual Tour of Residential Architecture

About the Virtual Tour

Calgary, AB Left Hand Architecture & Design is a residential architect based in Calgary, AB. Why Left Hand you might be asking? After chief architect Anthony Cameron‘s left-handedness.

As a full service architecture and design firm, showcasing projects to potential customers (and investors) is a must.

A virtual tour of a custom home was a no-brainer for Anthony.

This particular virtual tour features a floor plan customization, suitable for a multi-level (3 floor) residence. It boasts a modern design all throughout the home.

For ease of use, a drop down menu was included, tactfully placed in the top right corner (for all of those right hand thumbs out there of course — no offense “left hand” thumbs!).

After only a couple of weeks of the virtual tour having been embedded on Anthony’s website, a client inquired for a quote based on the virtual tour experience!