Differences between Google Street View Virtual Tour & Custom 360 Virtual Tours

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Often we are asked about what solution is best for a virtual tour. A Google Street View tour will do for most organizations — unless there’s customization required.

To make this easier to understand, our team has assembled a table of features.

Feature Google Street View Custom 360 Virtual Tour
Works on all screens Feature Feature
Reusable images Feature Feature
Natural feeling 360-degree view Feature Feature
4k-12k photo resolution Feature Feature
Easy to navigate Feature Feature
Boosts SEO Feature Feature
Embedded on website Feature Feature
Branded with your logo Feature Feature
Google Analytics Feature Feature
Boost customer time spent on your website Feature Feature
No software required Feature Feature
Embed on Facebook Feature Feature
Embed text Feature
Embed image Feature
Embed video Feature
Embed hot spot Feature
Floor plan Feature
Photo gallery Feature
Pop-up Feature
Welcome screen Feature
Button Feature
Audio & music Feature
Top navigation menu Feature
Side bar navigation menu Feature
Gallery navigation menu Feature
Welcome screen Feature
Automatic tour Feature
Password protection Feature
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